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Using the Optimal HRV Reader in Practice

We’ve recently caught up with our Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Dave Hopper, to find out how he uses the Optimal HRV Reader in practice.

In this case, his own Chiropractic clinic, Whole Human Health in St Charles, IL where he has a mix of patients who have a personal Optimal HRV Device, or use the in-office community device to help enhance the value in their sessions.

Here’s what Dr. Dave had to say about using the Optimal HRV Reader in practice:

“In practice using the Optimal HRV Reader is simple and effective! My preference is to have patients pick up the device 3-7 days prior to their initial visit so I can have a good picture of what their autonomic nervous system (ANS) and their ability to handle stressors looks like prior to the application of any therapies.

The Optimal Reader is very affordable and easy to use. With almost no instruction, the reader easily connects to the Optimal HRV app and begins the reading process with a few simple clicks of the app.

Being so easy to use, I have patients take HRV measurements every morning on their own at home for 3-minutes using their own personal Optimal Reader. As well, patients take readings before and after every visit using an in-office "community" Optimal HRV Reader that sits in the waiting area of my practice.

With the power of these two quick readings I can easily assess how a care plan is affecting a patient over the long term, and they can see how their personal choices and habits affect their ability to handle stressors and the impact they make on their ANS.

The in-office readings allow patients to see exactly how the therapy session affected their ANS and their ability to handle stressors. As well, if a patient has a low HRV walking in the door it allows the opportunity to modify the scheduled session to something their nervous system is capable of handling that day.”

Meet our new HRV Reader

Working with the Optimal HRV app, our reader accurately tracks your HRV to enable you to monitor your recovery, sleep, training and health.

Expect accurate tracking from the latest PPG heart rate detection technology, and stay in control of your heart rate zones with the 5 color LED display, plus vibration alerts ensure you know when you're reaching your maximum (MHR).

Find out more and purchase your device at Devices | Optimal HRV App

Get in touch

Optimal HRV is the world’s first digital platform that connects biometric data and in-app wellness practices with clinician support and guidance to enhance every human's wellbeing.

If you’d like to find out more, drop the team an email at or download the Optimal HRV app now from the App Store or Google Play.


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