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Group HRV Tracking

How professionals can use the Optimal HRV app with their group of users

Not all services are the same, and we understand that clinicians, coaches & organization leaders will need to set up the Optimal HRV app differently with their patients, clients or teams compared to an individual user, and have access to their data via the Web Dashboard.

3 simple steps to
setting up your Group
  1. The Group owner is required to set up their group using this 'Group set up request' form

  2. The Group owner will then have their Users subscribe to the Optimal HRV app using their usual email account

  3. Users will then need to send an email from the associated email account to  telling us which Group should get access to their data.
    Please supply the name of the group and group owner (i.e. this may be the Clinician).

Group Owners get free access to Optimal HRV after their first user subscribes!

Access the
Web Dashboard 

Whether you're using the Optimal HRV app on one device to record HRV of multiple people, or pulling together readings from a group of individual users, Group owners will have access to the Optimal HRV web dashboard that allows them to view their entire group and identify any drastic changes or concerning trends in their users HRV readings. 

Optimal HRV Web Dash.png
Need help getting started?

Check out our resources or contact us at

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