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In App Biofeedback Feature Backed by Dr. Inna Khazan at Harvard Medical School

The Optimal HRV app uses cutting edge technology to provide an accurate, science-backed measurement of our mental and physical health, and our ability to be at our best in the face of challenges. Optimal HRV also offers biofeedback training, customized to each person’s individual needs, that allows to hone nervous system reflexes and improve health and performance.

Dr. Inna Khazan

“HRV is a new frontier in health tracking. Optimal HRV goes far beyond what other apps can do. In addition to measuring heart rate variability, Optimal HRV provides biofeedback training to increase your heart rate variability and ultimately improve your health and performance,” said Dr. Inna Khazan, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Biofeedback Specialist and faculty at Harvard Medical School. “The research and science behind using HRV biofeedback is remarkable. In as little as 20 minutes a day, we can change the way our minds and bodies respond to stress. HRV biofeedback training has been scientifically shown to reduce anxiety, depression, chronic pain, effects of past trauma, and many other psychophysiological conditions. Optimal HRV offers a convenient, practical, and effective way to improve your wellbeing.”

HRV is the difference in time that passes from heartbeat to heartbeat. It indicates how well our nervous system is able to regulate our physical and emotional activation. Higher HRV means that our bodies and minds are better able to respond to changes in our environment and be resilient in the face of challenges. Ultimately, HRV is one of the best measurements of our physical, social, emotional, and cognitive health. Optimal HRV allows its users to track and improve it.

In an age of increasing rates of burnout, resignations and overall stress, the Optimal HRV app gives users personalized insights and recommendations for improving their physical, mental and cognitive health.

Matt Bennett, Co-Founder

“My passion for HRV started as a mental health professional when I saw the research using HRV to quantify mental, cognitive, relational, and medical health,” said Matt Bennett, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “Having dedicated my career to helping people struggling with stress and trauma, HRV provides an early warning when your stress levels begin to challenge your resiliency and overall health. Equally powerful, HRV provides a way to quantify our interventions whether it's a therapist doing trauma treatment or an organization applying a new wellness program to address burnout and workplace stress."

In addition to individual-focused mode, Optimal HRV can be deployed in group and organizational settings to support employees or members during times of stress. Mental health and medical providers also have access to a secure webdash through which they can monitor their patients’ progress, and assess effectiveness of interventions. Organizations can access cumulative reports on the well-being of their workforce and results of self-care focused training, as well as assess return on investment by connecting this information to their business performance.

Dr. Dave Hopper

“In practice, it can be difficult to demonstrate results to patients beyond the obvious symptom relief. HRV gives me a way to quantify and show patients how the care they are receiving is affecting their nervous system and health as a whole” added Dr. Dave Hopper, Chiropractor. “The webdash for practitioners is a great tool and patients love the immediate response to their HRV reading, they take it in the waiting room, then we discuss their results at the start of their session. The measure uploads immediately to the webdash. And for patients who track HRV outside of the office feel ever connected to me as I can get their results the moment they take a reading from anywhere in the world”.

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