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If HRV is so great, why isn’t everyone on an HRV monitor?

HRV was identified in 1733, and in the 1960s advanced metrics were first measured. However, until recent technological advances, the cost of the equipment needed for accurate daily readings and the time it took to figure out the algorithms made HRV an impractical tool for all but well-funded laboratory research settings.

In recent years, HRV monitors became smaller and very affordable. A simple smartphone application takes the data from the monitors, applies the algorithms, and provides users accurate data on their social, emotional, mental, and medical health. HRV becomes a practical and powerful tool that, with proper implementation, helps change the lives of those in need.

While some companies have apps to measure and provide feedback on HRV, these apps are directed more towards athletes or individuals with access to expensive cell phones who are more concerned with self-care.

The Optimal HRV app is the first HRV app explicitly designed for helping organizations.

We use cutting edge HRV science to provide feedback specific to those concerned with behavioral and mental health. In addition, Optimal HRV is designed in an affordable way to fit into the budgetary restrictions of most helping organizations. Unlike other applications, the Optimal HRV app can take the HRV of multiple people on one cell phone or tablet.

The provider dashboard allows users to view their entire caseload and identify any drastic changes or concerning trends. The dashboard also allows managers to get collective insight into the health and wellbeing of their staff.

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