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Why use Optimal HRV?

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Personal Health Tracking

Time to reflect on wellness and gain insight into physical, mental, and cognitive health.

Due to the effects of stress on the functioning of the prefrontal cortex and other areas that support emotional regulation and insightful thinking, many people lack the ability to understand their emotions, thoughts, and actions. 
Happiness, depression, hope, motivation, and other emotional states are challenging to identify and communicate. Connecting certain feelings and emotions to an HRV score helps you to see how your actions, emotions, and habits influence the functioning of the brain, nervous system and body.

Even before achieving a tangible traditional outcome or reaching a goal, you will see progress through a gradual improvement of nervous system health. This success builds motivation and confidence to take on bigger and bigger life challenges.

Personal Health Tracking

People Providing 
Health Services

While the work of helping others is gratifying, social workers, teachers, mental health workers, physicians, nurses and other helping professionals dominate the top occupations for burnout in our society. 

The ability to create and maintain healthy working relationships with people that have histories of abuse, neglect and painful relationships takes a tremendous amount of compassion, empathy, and patience.


Daily HRV measurements bring a whole new understanding and focus on self-care of the provider. HRV allows the provider to monitor the impact of work stress on their biology and psychology. Taking proactive action when they are at risk for burnout, allows providers to act before stress negatively affects the quality of their work. 

HRV Monitoring for Patients & Clients

HRV can also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the providers’ work by providing them daily feedback on the people they are striving to help. A drop in HRV score alerts the provider to support and reach out earlier than they might normally without this information. This early action prevents one bad day from cycling into larger, more dangerous issues such as relapse or suicide.

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Find out how clinicians can use the 3 step process to setting up their clients on the Optimal HRV app, here

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People Providing Health Services

Looking After Your Employees

Due to the unique nature of each person’s needs, the expense associated with implementing best practices, a scarcity of funding and resources, staff turnover and high levels of burnout means creating and maintaining a high performing organization is one of the more difficult challenges in modern management.

HRV can provide organizations a daily measure of the health and wellness of their staff, allowing managers to support staff self-care and determine the effectiveness of organizational initiatives to improve staff health and lower turnover. 

HRV measures help management ensure that the organization is positioning interventions and resources in the most effective way possible to improve the health and functioning of those they serve.

Looking After Your Employees

Funders &

For Funders

Many funders support organizations and interventions without ever understanding the impact of these resources on the individuals they are attempting to help. While most funders require outcome reporting, these measures often fail to measure the psychological, medical, and social benefits people receive or don’t receive from services. HRV measures provide quantitative data points that help funders make strategic decisions on what is working and where their money creates the most significant impact.


For Communities

Those with the lowest HRV often end up in the criminal justice system, homeless, unemployed, on public assistance, not providing adequate parenting and end up being seen as a burden instead of an asset to the community. Improving HRV helps address the struggles of individuals and the overall health and safety of communities. Using HRV as a measure of mental, emotional, medical and social health helps identify people who could benefit from services and connecting them with interventions shown to improve their ability to succeed and become valuable members of their communities.

Praying Together
Funders & Communities
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