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Feeling the Optimal Zone

In my position, I have the privilege of testing the app's new features before they are released to the public. As I tested the Optimal Zone feature, something compelling became apparent. I could feel the Optimal Zone. On an intellectual level, I understand that achieving a low-frequency HRV state should elicit certain physiological and psychological sensations. As someone who practices resonance frequency breaking daily, the power of the sensations surprised me!

It was humbling at first to realize how much focus I needed to achieve the Optimal Zone. I falsely assumed that, since I practice mindfulness daily, I could achieve it in just a few breaths. I had to focus all my attention on the pacer and my breathing to get in the Zone.

Then it hit me.

When I first achieved the Optimal Zone, I felt something new. It was not a new feeling, as I felt it several times in the past during an excellent mindfulness session. What was new was that I could achieve it in just a few minutes instead of toward the end of my practice. I found it powerful to use my attention and focus to increase ventral vagal activation. The more I practiced, the easier it was to spend more and more time in the Optimal Zone.

I am so excited to get the Optimal Zone to our users!

Matt Bennett, Co-Founder Optimal HRV


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