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Heart Rate Variability for Everyone!

In 2020, the founders of Optimal HRV created a mission to ensure everyone, including historically underserved populations, participates and benefits from this biometric revolution. These experts self-funded the creation of the Optimal HRV app with the specific purpose of supporting underserved populations and the service providers, educators, and healthcare professionals that support them.
A year later, the founders partnered with a medical, mental health, health care, and technology group to incorporate Optimal Innovation Group as a nonprofit in 2021 to support its work's social mission and impact. The nonprofit works closely with Optimal HRV to ensure that the Optimal HRV Reader and Optimal HRV app are as affordable as possible without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Also, check out our training page!

Our Mission

Optimal Innovation Group exists to provide innovative and affordable tools, trainings, and technology for professionals, organizations, and communities to improve health, wellness, and economic well-being.
We work specifically to address health inequities, poverty, and other social issues that prevent people from reaching their potential.

Our Values



Optimal Innovation Group’s organizational culture embodies the health we strive to help our clients achieve. We understand our social, emotional, and physical health are the foundations of our success. 

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