Improve your Mental & Physical Health with the Optimal HRV App

Providing a way to quantitatively measure Heart Rate Variability for yourself, for your employees, or for those you are caring for. Enhance recovery with our biofeedback training modules.

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What is

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) provides a research-backed method for measuring the health of a person’s nervous system and is an indicator of overall physical, mental, and social health.


HRV is the variability between successive heartbeats over a period of time. Where heart rate measures the average number of beats per minute, HRV concerns the intervals between each beat.

What is Biofeedback?

Using Biofeedback is a way to change your health with a mindfulness response, combating stressors and other stimuli. 


The physiological process of HRV can be accurately measured using the Optimal HRV app, however with the Biofeedback training modules, you can learn to modify your physiological responses in ways beneficial to your health.




Baseline & Trend

Understand your HRV score and how it’s changing over time with exercise, biofeedback and mindfulness training

Personal Health Tracking

Time to reflect on wellness and gain insight into physical, mental and cognitive health

People Providing 
Health Services

While the work of helping others is gratifying, helping professionals dominate the top occupations for burnout in our society

Looking After
Your Employees

Optimal HRV can provide organizations a daily measure of the health and wellness of their staff

Funders & Communities

Improving HRV helps address the struggles of individuals and the overall health and safety of communities



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