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Maximize The Power of HRV with our Coaching

Dr.Scotty Butcher

Dr. Scotty Butcher


HRV Training

Reach your full potential with OptimalHRV’s exclusive coaching program in partnership with The Stoic Tiger, Dr. Scotty Butcher.

Start with a 1-1 initial consult for just $50 USD to explore your options and get personalized guidance. Dive deeper with further 1-1 calls for $150 per hour or join our elite comprehensive 10-week coaching program for $1200 USD, which includes cutting-edge HRV technology, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, and expert training in HRV biofeedback and nervous system regulation. Elevate your mental performance and mindset with this transformative experience. Start your Optimal HRV Coaching today by contacting Scotty 

Dr. Scotty Butcher has a PhD in respiratory and exercise physiology, spent 25 years as a physical therapist and strength coach, and is a Resilience Mindset Coach. He has advanced training in HRV biofeedback, Mindfulness Teaching, Breathing Behavior Analysis, Anxiety and Stress Coaching, Stress, Sleep, and Recovery Coaching, and Nervous System Training. He owns a remote coaching practice, The Stoic Tiger, where he transforms the lives of his clients from struggling with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and fear to thriving and excelling in their careers, relationships, and lives.


Dr. Scotty Butcher

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